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HIMS AND ARIAS – Member Recruitment
Top 10 FAQ’s
1. Do I need to be able to read music?

No. A minority of current members can read music – although all have developed good “sight reading” skills.

2. Is there a voice test for new members?
Our Musical Director, Meryn Williams, will ask you to sing – in private – to determine which section of the choir your voice is best suited to. You will then sing with that section with the support of a “buddy” who is an experienced member of the section.

3. Are there “vacancies” in each section of the choir?
Our only restriction is that we need to have a balance across the four sections – Top Tenor, 2nd Tenor, Baritone and Bass – to produce the best sound. We have more Baritones than members in other sections at present and our “balance” is only likely to be an issue if all new recruits are Baritones.

4. How many members are there at present – and is there a “target” number ?
We have a maximum of 13 members performing currently. Subject to the “balance” referred to in Q3 we are happy to recruit to a maximum of 20 members.

5. Do you have to be a fluent Welsh speaker?
No. We have a number of Welsh language songs and hymns in our repertoire but currently only two fluent Welsh speakers. New members are supported by existing members in learning our repertoire.

6. Is there a Subscription for membership?
Members currently pay £12.50 per month ( approx. £3 per week ). New members do not pay a subscription until they have been members for 3 months.

7. How often do Hims and Arias perform – and to what sort of audiences?
We are keen to support the local community and sing at Care and Nursing Homes , at Charity Fund Raising events – and at Weddings, Dinners and Celebrations. Performances average out over the year at 15 – 20. Our Musical Director (MD), Meryn is also MD of Vocelle, a ladies choir, and we perform three or four times a year with Vocelle.

8. When and where does the choir practice?
Our current practice night is a Sunday evening from 7.30 to 9.00p.m. We practice at Llanharry Church Hall. If we are preparing for a major concert we occasionally rehearse on a Thursday evening in addition to Sundays.

9. Do I have to live in a particular “catchment area” to join Hims and Arias?
No. Our current members all live in the CF72 Postcode area but we welcome all new members who are able to regularly attend practices.

10. What is the age range of current members?
We have more members in their 50’s than any other age category, with our oldest members being in their 70’s. Our youngest member at the moment is 40.

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